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Bmw 5 Series 530 550 Air Conditioning

Keeping your Bmw 5 Series 530 550 cool in Milton Keynes at Clays Air Conditioning Repairs!

Air Con Recharge

Air conditioning is great in the summer, assuming it is working properly!

The gas that works as a refrigerant in your Bmw 5 Series 530 550's system slowly leaks out over time - up to ten percent each year. Most manufacturers recommend that you have the system recharged every 2 years or so. This is a simple procedure that Clays Vehicle Repairs can do as part of your servicing or just on its own if you like.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

Clays Vehicle Repairs can repair and replace and service the air conditioning on your vehicle if needed. 

This includes replacing the pump, checking for leaks, replacing the drier or any parts that need looking at to keep your Bmw 5 Series 530 550's air conditioning working at top performance!

We can also change the pollen filter and make sure the system is clean and fresh!

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Did you know...?

If you have a full climate control system in your car, then the "air con" is on all year round. 

So, if your air con is not working properly, it will not only not cool enough in the summer, but it will struggle to keep that perfect temperature in the winter too.

Get your Climate Control system checked and serviced by Clays Vehicle Repairs regularly to make sure you enjoy your wonderful car all the year through!

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Shocking Batteries

Check your battery

It is certainly a shock when your battery dies!

Get your battery checked and replaced at Clays Vehicle Repairs

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Only need the quickest of services to keep you going?

Just 24.99

Oil change and Oil filter and a check round to see if there are any problems!

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We can come and get you!

Clays Breakdown

Working with local recovery companies, we can arrange to have your car picked up and brought straight to our garage.

For more details

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MOTs - Cheap and Quick



Fixed price for everyone!

Book an MOT and £30 is all it costs - no strings.

So, book an MOT and a Standard Service and that is only £89.99!

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