Car Mechanical Repairs in Milton Keynes

Mercedes Clk Class Exhaust Systems Repaired

Keep your Mercedes Clk Class running with a new exhaust from Clays in Milton Keynes

Its not just about the noise!

When your exhaust is not working, for instance if it has a hole, then not only does it make a noise but your Mercedes Clk Class's engine runs badly, increasing fuel costs and causing problems.

You also run the risk of poisonous exhaust gasses leaking into the passenger space!

Over time, condensation, road water and salt thrown up by the wheels and dirt can erode your exhaust system, so Clays Vehicle Repairs can inspect your exhaust and replace or repair the whole system, or just a part of it if that is all that is required.

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MOTs - Cheap and Quick



Fixed price for everyone!

Book an MOT and £30 is all it costs - no strings.

So, book an MOT and a Standard Service and that is only £89.99!

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Tough on Tyres

Check your tyres

Are the roads wearing your tyres out?

Bald tyres = Danger!

So get them checked and changed at Clays. 

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Check your brakes

Checked your brakes?

If your car can't stop quickly it could be the difference between a close shave and a serious accident.

And just because it passed the last MOT does not mean it is still okay now!

Get your brakes checked by Clays and stay safe.

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Only need the quickest of services to keep you going?

Just 24.99

Oil change and Oil filter and a check round to see if there are any problems!

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