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Bmw 5 Series 530 550 Steering & Drive Shafts

Get your steering checked out, aligned and kept safe in Milton Keynes

Steering you right

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Clays Vehicle Repairs can check and repair the steering on your Bmw 5 Series 530 550 to help keep you safe. We will check:

  • The steering wheel and column to make sure there is no play and it is secure
  • Make sure there is no wear in the upper bearings
  • Check the steering rack and its mountings
  • make sure there is no excessive wear on any of the joints
  • Test the power steering, where fitted

And make sure it is all in good condition.

After all, the steering on your Bmw 5 Series 530 550 is not just about passing an MOT, it is about your safety!

Drive Shafts

Front wheel drive cars and 4 wheel drive need to have their drive shafts checked for wear and tear, 

The drive shafts connect the gearbox to the wheels and are under constant stress - afterall, they are being used continuously when your Bmw 5 Series 530 550 is moving!

Drive shafts are very strong, but they do wear, especially at the joints and it is important that they are in good condition.

Clays Vehicle Repairs can inspect your drive shafts and recommend if they need replacing or not.

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Is your Exhaust Exhausted?

Get your exhaust checked

Clays can check your exhaust, replace it or repair it if needed or simply let you know how much life is left in it.

Why wait to do everything in a panic at the MOT?

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MOTs - Cheap and Quick



Fixed price for everyone!

Book an MOT and £30 is all it costs - no strings.

So, book an MOT and a Standard Service and that is only £89.99!

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Tough on Tyres

Check your tyres

Are the roads wearing your tyres out?

Bald tyres = Danger!

So get them checked and changed at Clays. 

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