Car Mechanical Repairs in Milton Keynes

Mercedes Clk Class Suspension, Shocks & Coil Springs

Stay safe on the road in Milton Keynes. Get your suspension checked out and repaired at Clays

Keep the ride smooth

The suspension on your Mercedes Clk Class does far more than just make your car comfortable.

  • It makes the car handle better
  • It makes the car safer
  • It reduced tyre wear

Some problems are really obvious but many problems grow over an extended length of time through ware and tear. Speed bumps, badly maintained roads, backroads, all can contribute to creating problems that might go undiagnosed as you get used to the change in handling.

Clays Vehicle Repairs can give your Mercedes Clk Class a thorough check to make sure there are no immediate safety issues and to advise you on the current state of your suspension.

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Clutch a bit slippy?

Check your clutch

Get your clutch checked out before it gets any worse.

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And we can check your clutch and give you a fixed quote for your car.

No slip ups!

Strange Flashing light?

Dashboard Warning

If your dashboard is trying to tell you something, come on down, we can plug your car in and find the problem.

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Don't wait for a flashing light to become a broken car!

Tough on Tyres

Check your tyres

Are the roads wearing your tyres out?

Bald tyres = Danger!

So get them checked and changed at Clays. 

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We can come and get you!

Clays Breakdown

Working with local recovery companies, we can arrange to have your car picked up and brought straight to our garage.

For more details

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