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Mercedes Clk Class Tyres and Brakes in Milton Keynes

Keep your Mercedes Clk Class's wheels in good order at Clays Vehicle Repairs in Milton Keynes

Brake Pads for Life!

When we change your brake discs and pads at Clays Vehicle Repairs, Unipart will guarantee the pads for as long as you own the Mercedes Clk Class!

So, the next time you needs pads on those wheels - no charge.

To qualify, we need to have brought your brakes up to a good standard, including replacing discs using Unipart parts. You can read the full details of this fabulous offer on the Unipart Website - Click Here.

Regular Tyre Checks keep you safe

It goes without saying that if your tyres are worn, your car is far from safe. The ability to stop is reduced, the handling of the car is impaired and manouvering becomes dangerous. Having the wrong tyres can also reduce fuel economy.

UK Law is very clear - your Mercedes Clk Class needs to have the correct tyres fitted, inflated to the correct pressue and have good tread across the whole width of the tyre.

Clays can check your Mercedes Clk Class's tyres and recommend the best tyre for your budget for the make and model. 

Don't rely on the warning light - get your brakes checked

Your Mercedes Clk Class's brake warning light tells you when your brakes have become very badly worn, but regular visual checks can make sure your brakes are always working to their best ability and makes sure than not just the pads are up to scratch, but there are no problems with the discs either.

Brakes are more than just about an MOT - they are about keeping you safe, so call Clays now and book your Mercedes Clk Class in for a full brake and tyre check.

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Is your Exhaust Exhausted?

Get your exhaust checked

Clays can check your exhaust, replace it or repair it if needed or simply let you know how much life is left in it.

Why wait to do everything in a panic at the MOT?

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Mysterious Noise or Problem?

Nothing worse than a mystery. It might be something serious, or it might be something silly.

Let us check it out, sort it and keep you running.

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Clutch a bit slippy?

Check your clutch

Get your clutch checked out before it gets any worse.

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And we can check your clutch and give you a fixed quote for your car.

No slip ups!