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Electrics and Lights

Electrical Spaghetti

As vehicles have become cleverer, more efficient and more advanced, so the electrical system that makes the whole lot work together has become more and more complicated

Electrics are not simply about lights and windscreen wipers; your vehicle's electrical system controls all your dashboard display, your windows, security system, air con, entertainment system, and then it controls every aspect of how your engine runs, when it needs servicing, how you communicate with your car .... and it will get even more complicated in years to come!

Clays Vehicle Repairs have the knowledge and experience to keep everything working together - keeping you safe, keeping you legal and keeping your car running smoothly

Thank goodness someone knows their way round all that pasta!


Your vehicle lights do three very important jobs:

They help you see where you are going , They help keep you visible , They tell other road users what you are doing

It is not surprising that working lights are not just important for your once a year MOT, but are a legal requirement all year round.

Using top quality light bulbs and making sure your electrical system is in full working order is very important and Clays Vehicle Repairs can not just check to make sure everything is working, but can recommend what bulbs you should use, what brightness they should be and can fit them for you.

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There is nothing more frustrating that your car dying completely simply because your battery stops holding its charge.

There is no warning, there is no quick fix and inevitably it means a wait on the side of the road for the breakdown service to come and rescue you.

Get your battery checked at Clays Vehicle Repairs and get it changed before it gets too old and you find yourself stranded in the rain!

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