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Mechanical Repairs

Wheel Repair Service

Gearbox clunky? Clutch Slipping? Brakes soft? Engine not running right?

Or maybe your car just is not working how it used to?

Clay Vehicle Repairs has fully qualified mechanics that can look at any problem, repair or replace any part and will keep your vehicle running in tip-top condition.

From simple replacements, to full engine rebuilds, Clay's does it all

Sensible Pricing, Proper Parts

We will always give you a clear quote and explain how long it will take us and what the cost is of any parts. If there is a possibility that the job may be more complicated than we hope, then we will explain that in advance so there are no surprises.

We will always use the proper parts for your vehicle to give you the best possible life from your car and to keep you safe.

Treat Your Car to a Health and Safety Check

Let our trained mechanics give your car a really thorough, old fashioned "once over."

Only £35

We will check the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle to make sure it is safe to drive.

We will check to see how your engine is running, if it needs any repairs or whether there are things that you really should keep an eye on.

And we will let you know of anything we think you should be doing immediately or anything that might need looking at in the future so you are always on top of your vehicle's needs..

Remember, the MOT is only once a year and there is no guarantee that your car is as good now as it was when it was last tested.

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Its the healthy option!

Related Service

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Tyres and Brakes

Clays can check your vehicle's tyres and recommend the best tyre for your budget for the make and model.

MOT Service

If your vehicle is over three years old it will require an annual MOT test to ensure that it is roadworthy.

Steering & Drive Shafts

Clays Vehicle Repairs can check and repair the steering on your vehicle to help keep you safe. We will check: