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Clays MOT Service

Fast, Efficient MOT Testing for cars and small commercial

Taking the worry out of your MOT and for only £30!

Taking the worry out of your MOT and for only £30! If your vehicle is over three years old it will require an annual MOT test to ensure that it is roadworthy.And sometimes this can feel like one extra annual pain that you have to endure! But it is necessary, not just because of the law, but to helping keep you safe on the road.At Clay's, we will take your vehicle through it's MOT simply and painlessly. If there is any work that needs to be carried out, we first will inform you what the costs of the parts are and our labour costs and will then ensure that any work is carried out as quickly as possible.

Make your life easier - Book your MOT and Service together!

Did you know that a standard service and MOT COMBINED is only £89.99! So why not combine the two? A great deal and time saver. Remember, the MOT looks at the vital safety and road worthiness of your vehicle, but it does not look at your oil, your filters or all the other things that a service does, doing both at once means your vehicle will have a complete medical giving you peace of mind and saving you a few bob in the process.

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Thinking about the Year Ahead

The MOT on your vehicle is only as good as the day it is done; it does not mean that it is still roadworthy and safe six months later. And that is really worth remembering when buying a second hand vehicle, by the way!Although we cannot predict the future, when we MOT your vehicle we will give you a report on anything we think should be looked at in the months ahead:

  • Will the break pads need replacing?
  • What is the state of the exhaust?
  • Are the tyres showing their age?
  • Are their potential rust problems brewing?
  • Is your vehicle's steering and suspension good for another year?

And anything else that may affect your vehicle's safety and road worthyness over the next twelve months. As we said, we can't predict the future, but keeping you informed about anything we think might cause problems later, will give you just that bit more piece of mind.